Business Competitiveness

Company Recognition

  • Brand Awareness: The name Oblanjah Resources Ltd is a household name in the enclaves of our clients. We have carved a niche for ourselves and are in a class of our own when we deal with clients.
  • Brand identity: Oblanjah Resources Ltd has created a brand for itself. We prefer to be known as “The Exceptional Services Provider” or “The ESP” company because ensuring a good customer experience and satisfaction is our culture.
  • Industry recognition: There are so many companies in this industry but we are in our own category. Our level of operations has gone beyond the norm of delivery. We don’t just provide services as a responsibility but we do it with passion because making our clients have wonderful experiences is what makes us to keep moving.

Expertise & Stability

  • Highly knowledgeable workforce: Our workforce is well trained and knowledgeable in the product they deal in. Trainings and workshops are organized from time to time in order to equip them with the best practices and get information with respect to the industry.
  • Technological skills: We are in the Information Technology era and so we employ the use of technology such as digital tracking, use of electronic media correspondence etc. in our operations to make it run smoothly and in accordance with modern day practices.

History of success

Oblanjah Resources Ltd operates a simple and client service oriented business concept. We are not your one-stop company but your long term relationship partner in the real estate industry. Oblanjah Resource Ltd do not impose what you don’t want on you, they give you the customized solution you requested for.

Service Pledge

Oblanjah Resources Ltd pledges to deliver her services with professionalism, transparency and efficiency at the core of the business.

Customer Service

  • First class service: We have a dedicated staff that are trained and imbibed into our culture of first class service provision. Oblanjah Resource Ltd is all about customer experience and satisfaction. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients remain happy. Keeping relationships is the key to success.
  • Support: Our support staff is on the telephone lines and computer systems waiting to handle your calls and emails from Mon-Fri (8am – 6pm) and Sat (10am-4pm). Emails sent after the closing hours will be responded to but action will be effected the next day.

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