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FILTER – Effective aquarium water filter

Aquarium filtration system is one of the issues that should be considered most for all aquarists. Especially the fish eat fresh food such as fish a la arbutus, water filtration system need to Pay extra attention to get a clean fish tank.

1. Introduce the principle of operation of spill filter for aquarium – The Top 5 Freshwater Aquarium Filters For Your Fish Friends.

First of all a really effective filter is the filter that has the following filter elements: raw filter, fine filter and chemical filter. Fish tank overflow filtration is one of the most effective aquarium filtration systems available.

The principle of operation of the spill filter is that the water is pumped from the aquarium into the first compartment of the filtration tank for coarse filtration and then through the second or third compartment for refining and to the next compartment for chemical filtration before reaching the compartment. Finally, to reverse the tank.


Regular use of filter media to retain large amounts of dirt in the water such as fish feces, leftovers and suspended solids in water, this filter is also called mechanical filtration, the higher the filter, the higher the water in the tank the cleaner. Rain filter can be used to effectively filter this part. Pay attention to wash the filter cotton regularly to avoid the water flow is not flowing water to spill out.


Some common filter materials
Some common filter materials
Refined glass or biological filter, this filter contains filter materials such as porcelain filter, ceramic filter, lava, crushed coral … (Available at the site www.anhanhgiang.com) are materials with many holes Small hollows are habitats for microorganisms that degrade such substances as salts (NH4 +), (NH3) and other types (NO3-) are toxic substances excreted by the fish. It is toxic to fish and makes fishy odors or fishy odors. You should supplement the microorganism by regularly fermenting bacteria into the fish tank periodically from 1 to 2 months

> Please refer to some common filter materials here >> Click here <<


Chemical filtration

After passing through the two filter sections, you need to have a compartment to remove the toxins for the aquarium by filtering materials such as Activated Carbon, Arsenic Filtration. . . To detoxify water


2. Filter types are available at Kim Giang Aquarium

Spill filter can be divided into 3 main types: Top spill filter, bottom spill filter and filter filter.

Filter overflow

Filter overflow
Filter overflow
Top filter is used from 4 to 5 filters as follows:

Part 1: Raw filter should use cotton filter to filter the excess of fish underneath with the odor to filter effectively to help the water overflow quickly.
Preface 2: The filter above the bottom of the filter is filtered and refined because there are some types of porcelain (yellow porcelain) with tiny holes.
Part 3: Crushed coral is also a crude filter, but the main task is where the microbe live, when the water flows through it will be disinfected before the tank. Filter to effectively filter effect
Part 4: Using lava + Activated charcoal + flea + filter arsenic filter effect filter chemistry filter effect Biological
Section 5: Do not let the water escape quickly, or plastic sheeting and 1.2 times thin cotton to retain the small deposits through the previous compartment.
You can put boxes 2 and 3 together if you do a 4-bin overflow filter


Underflow filter

Filtration under aquarium
Filtration under aquarium
For the arowana aquarium, fish tank restaurant, aquarium fish tank, large size fish tank …. It is advisable to use the bottom spill filter because this spill filter has the highest filter efficiency in all types of spill filtration available in our country.

The filter tank is sized smaller than the main tank and is placed underneath the glass tank with filters and filters similar to the filter types. The water is discharged from the main tank to the first filter of the filter tank through the filter system that goes down the filter and then flows through the compartment 2,3,4 to the final compartment and is placed by the pump to the main tank. In this compartment you can grow easy-to-grow aquatic plants such as rhizomes or ferns to effectively biofilter. In winter you should also put the heat in this compartment because the water will be warmed up before entering the main tank so it will be fun to heat up the aquarium.

For seafood aquariums, the refined type mainly uses coral + fattening

This type of spill filter basin is usually combined with drilling suction suction or suction bottom suction bottom we will introduce more specifically in the water filtration system for arowanas

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