For the past several years we have been assisting clients in finding the home of their dreams. “our main job is that of a transaction manager. This requires us to guide clients through the home buying and selling process, which can be overwhelming at first glance.


Company History

Oblanjah Resources Ltd was registered on 2nd February 2002 at the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, Nigeria to carry out the business of Real Estate Consultancy, Evaluation and Management Services nationwide. Our successes speak for us in all areas of property procurement, sales and management.

We have been actively involved in retainership, valuation, sales, letting/lease, development, re-development, and management of properties within Apapa, Okota, Festac, Ajao-Estate, Surulere, Ikeja, Victoria Island, Lekki, Ikoyi, other Lagos environs and  Abuja, Imo, Port-Harcourt, and Enugu.

What the company does

Oblanjah Resources Ltd is a Real Estate management and development company that has created a niche in the property industry. The company offers a wide range of services to different clients in the areas of property management, letting/lease/sales of properties etc. Oblanjah Resources plays the role of adviser and consultant to clients who want to invest in the industry. Also known as “The Exceptional Service Provider”, Oblanjah Resources Ltd works with a team of certified building professionals in carrying out developments on properties. At Oblanjah Resources Ltd, clients are seen as long term investment so keeping relationships is our culture.

In real estate property management, our company has four major areas of responsibility:

Marketing and Financial

    Tenant and Occupancy

    Facility Management

    Administration & Risk Management

The property manager is the owner’s partner in maximizing the return on investment of the property through efficient performance of these four functional areas of responsibility. Oblanjah Resources Ltd acts in the best interests of the owner to maintain the property, keep it occupied with tenants, collect rents, budget improvements and maintain records. Many real estate professionals have looked at property management and changed their minds when the scope of the management tasks and record-keeping are fully understood. It’s definitely a niche for the more detailed and responsive in the profession.

Marketing and Financial – Real estate property management involves understanding of operating expenses and budgeting. From this information, appropriate rental rates are set, balanced by the current market and what it will support in the way of rents.

A firm knowledge of the area and competitive rental properties is our focus. Regular financial reporting to the owners is required.

Tenant and Occupancy – Understanding the needs of the tenants is important to us. Getting them to move in is only the beginning. At Oblanjah Resources Ltd, we must then respond to their requests, monitor their activities as regards the lease requirements, collect rent in a timely manner, and continually assess the tenants’ satisfaction as regards the property’s amenities versus those of competing rental properties in the area. The unwelcome task of eviction for violations or non-payment is part of this function also. More on the tenant management function.

Facility Management – Property management is also physical management of the structures and outdoor areas. Landscaping, electrical, plumbing, roof, walls, appliances, and much more are all part of the physical property. We maintain relationships with contractors and repair companies, budget capital expenditures, and monitor the quality of all repairs and maintenance. This function ties in with the financial piece, as some improvements will require significant capital expenditures and budgeting for them. It ties in with tenant and occupancy management because it is important to tenant retention to have well-maintained properties.

Administration & Risk Management – This is the files and records part of the property management function. Federal, state and local governments all have some jurisdiction over real estate property management activities. Certain reporting requirements must be met for all of them. Meticulous records for accounting are a must. For reasons of liability, all activities and tenant interaction must be recorded and maintained for specified periods.

Having specialized in real estate property management we take note of the need to understand the requirements, and have a good feeling about being able to accomplish them all with efficiency and enjoyment because it’s not as easy as selling real estate.


Vision Statement

To be the realtor of choice in the provision of outstanding service to clients with respect to property business.

Mission Statement
The Company’s mission is to set the pace in real estate management and practices to provide qualitative estate management, property acquisition, sales and agency with respect to letting/rent/lease at affordable prices in a friendly and conducive environment.


We emphasize integrity in every aspect of our business. We build a company that is trusted, our clients and other professionals alike.

Business goals & Objectives

Manage properties in a transparent, ethical, and professional manner that will guarantee maximum profit to a real estate investor (landlord). Deliver the most progressive and relevant experience and addressing the changing needs of the real estate industry to enable return of investment to landlords as well as to earn a reasonable profit for our shareholders.

Business Strategy

Our Business strategy is to stay relevant and constantly be fearless in exploration, acquisition and use of local insights and modern day practices to deliver the best in customer experience and services to our clients.

Economic Intent

Our economic intent is for investment in the business world and also for the growth of our clients businesses. We offer our services for our clients to operate perfectly and successfully in order for our own quota to grow the economy becomes a reality and a success.

Business Concept

Oblanjah Resources Ltd operates a simple and client service oriented business concept. We are not your one-stop company but your long term relationship partner in the real estate industry. Oblanjah Resource Ltd do not impose what you don’t want on you, they give you the customized solution you requested for.


Oblanjah Resources Ltd offers the following services to client with respect to real estate:

  • Estate Agency –Letting/leasing/sales
  • Estate Consultancy
  • Property Development
  • Property Management

Business competitiveness

Company Recognition

  • Brand Awareness: The name Oblanjah Resources Ltd is a household name in the enclaves of our clients. We have carved a niche for ourselves and are in a class of our own when we deal with clients.
  • Brand identity: Oblanjah Resources Ltd has created a brand for itself. We prefer to be known as “The Exceptional Services Provider” or “The ESP” company because ensuring a good customer experience and satisfaction is our culture.
  • Industry recognition: There are so many companies in this industry but we are in our own category. Our level of operations has gone beyond the norm of delivery. We don’t just provide services as a responsibility but we do it with passion because making our clients have wonderful experiences is what makes us to keep moving.

Expertise & Stability

  • Highly knowledgeable workforce: Our workforce is well trained and knowledgeable in the product they deal in. Trainings and workshops are organized from time to time in order to equip them with the best practices and get information with respect to the industry.
  • Technological skills: We are in the Information Technology era and so we employ the use of technology such as digital tracking, use of electronic media correspondence etc. in our operations to make it run smoothly and in accordance with modern day practices.

History of success

  • Successful track record: Our success story is not the important issue, what is important to us is that our services contributed to the growth of our clients being successful. As long as our clients are happy and continue to do business with us our balance sheet continues
  • Adaptability: We have been able to adapt to the different situations and has never performed below our benchmark which is 80% service level. Our integrity has been intact and never compromised despite the rapidly changing economy.
  • Loyal client base: We have a large number of client bases.

Customer Service

  • First class service: We have a dedicated staff that are trained and imbibed into our culture of first class service provision. Oblanjah Resource Ltd is all about customer experience and satisfaction. We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients remain happy. Keeping relationships is the key to success.
  • Support: Our support staff is on the telephone lines and computer systems waiting to handle your calls and emails from Mon-Fri (8am – 6pm) and Sat (10am-4pm). Emails sent after the closing hours will be responded to but action will be effected the next day.

Service Pledge

Oblanjah Resources Ltd pledges to deliver her services with professionalism, transparency and efficiency at the core of the business.

Management Structure


  1. ManagementTeam

Mr. Innocent Nnaji: Our Company is blessed with qualified and trained professional staffs. The Managing Partner is the person of Mr. Innocent Nnaji who leads the management team of the company.He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Professional Certificates in Estate Management. He is a renowned estate manager who has put in 14 years of meritorious service in estate management services.

Mr. Nkwachukwu Amos-Uhegbu, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning. He is an experienced Manager and a Consultant for the past 15 years in Real Estate and other related business; he has excelled tremendously in practice which is wide and varied, covering all areas of real estate consulting and management.

Ms. Chinyere Nwuji, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management. She has undergone much training in Real Estate and other professional courses in Estate Management.

Barrister Edward Oseghe, LLB in law. An experienced Real Estate Attorney for the past 13 years.

Mr. Akomeno Ibagere who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Estate Management. He is an experienced Estate Manager for the past 10 years and he has excelled in practice which is wide and varied, covering all areas of real estate consulting and management.

We also have other five senior staffs and three junior staffs including IT students.

Business& Leadership skills

Oblanjah Resources Ltd is equipped with highly skilled personnel who are trained in different areas of the industry. Trainings and refresher courses are held regularly for staff to equip them with the appropriate knowledge and skills. The staff of Oblanjah Resources Ltd also possesses excellent leadership skills in their day-to-day operations. This is evident in the Inspirational Award for Excellent Leadership that was given to the Principal Partner of the company.

Office and Administrative personnel

Oblanjah Resources Ltd employs the services of active and efficient office and administrative staff. All office and administrative matters are handled by experienced staffs who are experts in office management.


We have been actively involved in the retainership, Valuation, Sales, Purchases, Letting/Lease, Development, Re-development and Management of properties within Apapa, Okota, Festac, Ajao Estate,Surulere, Ikeja, Victorial Island, Lekki, Ajah, and beyond Lagos.

The following properties are part of property managed by Oblanjah Resources Ltd:

  1. 3 wing Duplex situate at No. 3 Ajefuloke Street, Iroko Awe, Lekki, Lagos.
  2. Block of 6 nos 3 bedroom flats with 2 nos mini flats situate at No. 1A Wole Odulate Street, Ago Palace Way, Okota, Isolo, Lagos.
  3. Block of 4 nos 3 bedroom flats situate at No. 1B Wole Odulate Street, Ago Palace Way, Okota, Isolo, Lagos.
  4. Block of 8 nos 2 bedroom flats situate at No. 31 Wasiu Solola Street, Peace Estate, Oke Afa, Lagos.
  5. Block of 4 nos 3 bedroom flat situate at No. 4 Laditoun street, New Oke Oba, Lagos.
  6. Block of 18 nos 2 bedroom flats situate at No. 2 Chief Akanni Azeez Street, Elegushi, Lekki, Lagos.
  7. Block of 2 nos 3 bedroom flats situate at No. 86 Enoma street, Okota.
  8. Block of 6 nos 3 bedroom flat at No. 56 Owolabi street, Okota.
  9. Block of 6 nos 3 bedroom flat at No. 84 Bayo Oyewale street, off Balogun bus stop, Okota.
  10. Block of 6 nos 3 bedroom flat at No. 4 Frankmore Obinyelu Street, Green Field Estate, Okota,
  11. Block of 6 nos 3 bedroom flat at No. 11 Emmanuel Offor Street, Green Field Estate, OKota
  12. Block of 4 nos 3 bedroom flat at No. 3 Catholic Mission Street, Green Field Estate, Okota.
  13. Block of 8 nos 3 bedroom flat at No. 5 Uju Ukpaka Street, Startime Estate, Okota.
  14. Block of 8 nos 3 bedroom flat at No. 12 Abiodun Komolafe Street, Off Century bus stop, Okota.
  15. Block of 8 nos 3 bedroom flat and 1 nos 2 bedroom flat at No. 34 Hakeem Dosumu Street, Parkview Estate, OKota.
  16. Block of 6 nos 3 bedroom flat at No. 3 Ifite Ukpo Street, Off Ago Palace Way, Okota.
  17. Block of 6 nos 3 bedroom flat at No. 9 Esther Ebun Street, Iba Estate, Iba.
  18. Block of 4 nos 3 bedroom flat at No. 2 Ayino Abolade Street, Green Field, Okota.
  19. Block of 6 nos 2 bedroom flat at No. 20 Owolabi Street, OKota.
  20. Block of 9 nos 2 bedroom flat at No. No. 7 Jonathan Ugochukwu Street, Green Field Estate, Okota.
  21. Block of 4 nos 3 bedroom flat at No. 3 Lucky Street, Startime Estate, Okota.
  22. Block of 4 nos 3 bedroom flat at No. 12 Raph Karieren Crescent, Lekki Scheme 2, Lekki, Lagos.
  23. Block of 4 nos 2 bedroom flat at No. 2A Harmony Street, Startime Estate, Okota.
  24. 3 nos Terrace at Plot 17, Amity Estate, Fidiso, Lekki, Lagos

And many more buildings of which some are under construction in many parts of Lagos.

And many more buildings of which some are under construction in many parts of Lagos.

In sales, Oblanjah Resources Ltd has sold over 50 properties in Lagos alone in the last five years. These sales include lands and houses, while the company has many properties for sale. Our website could be visited while Lamudi Nigeria, Private property Nigeria, could testify to it.

Professional Service

We offer a wide range of professional service which includes:

–  Real Estate Agency involving letting, leasing, building, sales, purchase of landed properties for our clients.

–  Valuation of assets including land, building, plant, and machinery, furniture, fixture, fittings, and equipment for a variety of purposes viz.; mortgage, insurance, rating, competition, sale and purchase.

–  Accounting/balance sheet, public quotation, commercialization/privatization, merger and acquisition.

–  Project appraisal, which entails carrying feasibility and viability study report.

–  Project management which involves planning and administration of real estate development projects and coordination of relevant consultants from conception of the project to ensure its successful realization within reasonable time and cost limits, and ensuring quality workmanship.

Property Management

Property management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate as used in its most broad terms. Management indicates a need to be cared for, monitored and accountability given for its useful life and condition. This is much akin to the role of management in any business.

Property management is also the management of personal property, equipment, tooling and physical capital assets that are acquired and used to build, repair and maintain end item deliverables. Property management involves the processes, systems and manpower required to manage the life cycle of all acquired property as defined above including acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization and disposition.

There are many facets to this profession, including managing the accounts and finances of the real estate properties, and participating in or initiating litigation with tenants, contractors and insurance agencies. Litigation is at times considered a separate function, set aside for trained attorneys. Although a person will be responsible for this in his/her job description, there may be an attorney working under a property manager. Special attention is given to landlord/tenant law and most commonly evictions, non-payment, harassment, reduction of pre-arranged services, and public nuisance are legal subjects that gain the most amount of attention from property managers. Therefore, it is a necessity that a property manager be current with applicable municipal, county, state and Federal Fair Housing laws and practices.

This is also involves the prudent organization of human and material resources with the aim of achieving defined objectives in real estate investment and these include the following:

Agency Functions

  • Tenant selection for spaces that fall vacant on competitive market rent.
  • Taking inventories of landlord’s fittings and fixtures for record purposes.
  • Perfection of lease agreement between the landlord and tenants.

Our present status and experience as a firm are the products of the unceasing support and patronage we have enjoyed either directly or consequently from the patronage of your good-self and similar clients.

Thank you.

Innocent Nnaji

Managing Partner